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REG #9113518 "Not for Profit" Community Organisation.  "Encouraging Positive Social Values In Youths and Communities".

Jrhys Healing 1-2-1 Community Workshop For Families

We are offering free introduction sessions in schools and organisations.. The aim is to embrace mindfulness while dealing with daily stress levels, accepting and undertaking personal challenges with shared understanding. “FIVE YEARS LATER” memoirs from a mother’s diary written by Collet Hunter is now available on Amazon UK. "A milestone achieved because of a dream. My first book self-published on healing memories is based on my journey and consist of inspiration snippets suitable for all ages. I believe great strength manifest itself when walking alone and is carried by positive vibration..." cEb Click on the link below to sign up for Jrhys ongoing Community Workshop, events, projects or to volunteer with us! DONATION welcome...and a big thanks to those who continues to support!!

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Our next Healing 1-2-1 Community get together is next Wednesday at

 6 pm please register for more details on link below!

Fun Palaces Sydenham!!


Fun Palaces are essentially where a community space is made available to local residents who want to show and share the particular skills they have with other local people.  

JRHYS was a part of this amazing event and enjoyed every moment!!



Fun Palace

11 - 3:00 pm

TNG Youth and Community Centre

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Fun Palace 

Fun Palaces is an ongoing campaign for cultural democracy, with an annual weekend of action every October.

The campaign promotes culture at the heart of community and community at the heart of culture.
The weekend of action uses the combination of arts, craft, science, tech, digital, heritage and sports activities, led by local people for local people, sharing their own passions and skills, as a catalyst for community-led transformation, with active participation for all ages.

Our workshops and our Ambassadors Programme support our work with communities; developing local networks, enabling links between individuals and organisations, encouraging large venues to co-create with local people, and small groups to shout about their value as grassroots community activists.

11 - 3:00 pm

TNG Youth and Community Centre

Community projects on going...

Check out this great video "Push the piano challenge" A gift from St Bartholomew Church in Sydenham.  Totally refurbished for our young people and family use.

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We are a nonprofit organization focused on helping make the world around us a better, happier place. With the help of our tireless staff, we organise fundraisers, community-building events, and in-depth training sessions for our volunteers.

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Are you passionate about what we're doing? Let us know! We are always looking for volunteers to help us make our vision a reality. We'll help you find a way to volunteer that best suits you. We're excited to have you join the team!

To join our volunteer team please contact us on or call us to arrange an interview.  Our telephone number is 07470025259/07760288319.

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Whether you help through monetary donations, volunteering your time, or spreading our mission through word-of-mouth, thank you. We couldn't accomplish our goals without the help of supporters like you.

Thanks you for your support.

Collet Hunter


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Ongoing community events and projects throughout the year!

James Ross Hunter Youth Support

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Monday -  Wednesday: 9am - 5pm

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About Us

Ongoing rewards, encouraging positive social values in youths and the Community...

Community services

This non profit community charity was launched in July 2014.  Our aim is to encourage positive social values in youths and communities.  We are base at TNG Youth and  Community centre at 111 Wells Park Road, Sydenham SE26 6AD.

All our activities are community base and is geared towards encouraging and creating positive social values in our young people. Without the community fundraising efforts and generous donations we would not be able to create visual awareness through our yearly anti knife crime poster competition, events and projects. 

All the money raised goes directly into our community and we are truly thankful for all the help.  

Yearly Events

Our Yearly events  includes the following

*Community Spring Event  fourth Saturday in May.

*Community Christmas Social third Sat Saturday in December.

*Healing 1-2-1" Community Workshop (ongoing)


"Loving the family vibe ...happy to help whenever possible, keep your light shining"..Bright Johnson

"Full of heart"...Vima Rowe

"Your commitment, work and mission to challenge knife crime is quite an inspiration" Cllr Liam Curran ...

"Beautiful, just beautiful...blessed people" ...Trixie Lea

"Keep up with the great work"...LaShawn Durden

"Very energetic and good breath of fresh air" ...

"Collet was very clear in her words and explanations and I love the fact you involved even the younger children...and loved my hug from your son"...TSimpson

"Quite informative.  Learnt a lot"...

"Mindful practices for children"...

"An honor to interview one of the toughest but most loving woman I know"...Aimy Agginie

List of Activities

*JRHYS annual anti knife-crime poster competition. This is ongoing and is use for visual awareness in schools and communities.

*Daisy pin peace fundraiser.  Wear a daisy pin and show visual awareness. Say no to violence and knife-crime.

*Life Journey travel scheme for young people.  Help with travel expense to college and apprenticeship.

*Personal challenge fundraiser, highlight your passion and raise funds for us.  Your choice your time!

*JRHYS Quarterly Community Birthday Club

*JRHYS Healing 1-2-1 Community Workshop for families

*JRHYS pOt 'O LuV  choose the time and place, cook up a treat and fundraiser for us!!

*Socking for charity wear "Mix mAtcH sock, stockings or gloves to show visual awareness

Sharing the big news

We are invited to be a part of "Fun Palace 2019" feeling motivated and looking forward to another year!!

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Visual Awareness Poster competition continues...

Check out this great video

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Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

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